The One-on-One Advantage Program

When there’s volatility around us, trust and productivity erode

An on-demand program that re-invents the weekly 1:1 in our remote world.

Have a Plan

Deepen Connection

Win Together

Every leader wants to create an environment of trust and performance in today’s remote world.

But there’s a problem:

  • Uncertainty is at an all-time high
  • Everyone is uncomfortable
  • Managers are overwhelmed
  • Teams are physically distant
  • Projects & priorities are derailed
  • It’s hard to know where to start

The 1:1 Advantage enhances the conversations that are already happening within your organization to focus on what’s important now. We help leaders get meaningful work done through their remote teams.

The 1:1 roadmap will guide leaders through their most important weekly conversations

A Fresh Approach
to the Weekly 1:1

  • Use a simple, proven method
  • Squeeze more out of existing meetings
  • Create a routine that works for everyone

Build Trust
and Connection

  • Ask the right questions
  • Foster meaningful two-way communication
  • Remove the barriers of physical distance

Perform in
Challenging Times

  • Use coaching techniques to get to what’s important
  • Enable new ideas and fresh thinking
  • Tap your team’s unique skills and talents

How can you navigate the volatility of the world while leading remote teams?

There’s a lot going on right now.

Newsfeeds and inboxes are flooded with world events. Managers and employees are worried about their futures. Everyone is working from home, trying to balance personal challenges with work priorities. We’re dealing with technology breakdowns, family responsibilities, and concerns about what our teams are really doing.

The 1:1 Advantage puts focus and attention back on the weekly 1:1.

It’s time to upgrade how we take care of ourselves and our people.

We believe the weekly 1:1 is the forgotten hero of people management. It’s the starting point for behaviour change and the conduit for coaching opportunities. More importantly, it’s the recurring opportunity for managers to directly impact the experience of their teams and the work they’re all accountable for.

Our newly remote world is challenging us to keep our people connected, our workloads manageable, and our projects moving forward. Using the latest in talent research and neuroscience, we’ve designed coaching tools, videos, and a reliable framework to guide leaders through 1:1 conversations that generate the trust and results we’re all looking for.

When your leaders are having the right kinds of conversations, weekly 1:1s become sought-after experiences where employees get connected, leaders develop their capabilities, and work gets done.

Don’t settle for transactional conversations and ‘business-as-usual’ updates when the employee experience demands more. Inject some life into your organization’s weekly 1:1 structure and give your workforce what they need to thrive in today’s challenging, remote world.

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