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Companies invest millions in career development programs, but engagement scores remain low. Avenue teaches employees how to make the right connections, take charge of their own career path and maximize the value they bring to their organization.

What We Do

Everyone wants to do work with impact, but finding it can be tough. Our career development programs are designed to help employees take ownership of their careers by engaging in meaningful career conversations, defining their career path, and giving them the tools to support others in doing the same.

The Avenue Methodology

We generate insight.

We quickly help employees discover their strengths, identify their goals, and dream up their next opportunity without having to wait for their next raise or promotion. The path to meaningful work starts now.

We ignite bold action.

Too many employees are stuck fantasizing when they should take action. We show your employees how to create opportunities within your organization and make it happen as early as Day 1 of the program.

We build support.

Fear of taking risks is one of the biggest demotivators employees face. We show them how to build an inner circle of support while lightening the dependency on the HR functions.

Tech-powered Career Management

The greatest challenge for many employee development programs is that inspiration quickly fades, and inboxes start to fill up. Through our web-based app, we’re able to turn knowledge into action — far after employees leave the classroom. And we know from experience that even the smallest actions can create lasting impact. 

With a clean and easy-to-use interface, the Avenue web app allows users to facilitate powerful, bite-sized conversations with managers and fellow employees, identify key career drivers & strengths, goals, and more.

The Career Advantage™ Program

We’re re-writing the script of what it means to self-manage a career path. Designed for mid-level management and the mass population they support, Career Advantage™ bridges the gap between what employees are passionate about and the opportunities that exist within their organization to increase their impact. Because empowering employees doesn’t just yield a more impactful workforce: it creates higher retention rates and happier people.

A 45-day career development program beginning with a half-day session, Career Advantage™ helps employees:

  • Overcome barriers and resistance to career conversations
  • Identify key stakeholders to begin career conversations with
  • Take action on follow-up and support team members in doing so
  • Become catalysts for the shift in career culture within your organization
  • Discover the necessary elements and actions for long-term growth as managers and employees
  • Self-manage their own career conversations and journey with proprietary app technology

The Career Builder™ Program

Today, career growth is rarely linear. Instead, it’s a web of lateral and vertical moves that employees must stop at on their way to the top. It all starts with one question: “What do you really want?”

Designed for high performers and future executives, Career Builder is a one-day tailored training program that allows employees to identify what they want out of their career and chart a strategic path to achieve it. Participants will leave with the ability to:

  • Clarify their career vision
  • Discover and build on their existing strengths
  • Initiate conversations and develop key relationships
  • Identify specific roles to achieve their future vision
  • Develop an exciting, yet achievable development strategy
  • Adopt a deep sense of ownership and control of their careers

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